Neato CD Labels

For those that are stateside, and even those that are not, Best Buy stores have the Fellows (Neato) 100-Pack Matte CD/DVD Labels on sale for USD$10. Also have the full Labeller Kit for USD$10 after instant rebate. Personnally, I prefer the CD Stomper labels because the adhesive is better but I couldn’t pass up a good deal. I picked up 4 packs.

Every CD label I’ve ever used has caused the disc to get unbalanced and become unreadable in the last third… What’s your experience with these?

I find that if the labels are properly applied and the air pockets smoothed out then there is no problem. Can’t say I’ve really had any problems although I’ve heard a few unbalanced CDs from the labels attached in a rush job. But haven’t had one unreadable.

Mine were on perfectly flat and smooth… maybe they were just too heavy :\

Good point, I think the grade of the paper might have been a factor. Which labels have you had problems with?