Nearly made my first DvD

I have a dual layer DvD I’m trying to make a backup off. So I was following the chicken man guide: How to backup your DVD to DVD±R

ALl was fine, until I got to the part where I have to put it all together using DvD Maestro. I’ve searched Kazzaa & Google for this program and can’t find it anywhere?? Anyone know where I can download it?

I have spruce up, but this said it can’t directly inport audio files, so I had the DvD imported but no sound :frowning: I also have instant copy but this wouldnt even play ball.

So it looks like I need this DvD maestro :frowning:

Spruce up should auto load the audio stream if it is named correctly.

As for Maestro… Does this look like warez board to you?

I was only asking…

Make sure the output audio/video files are named exactly the same or spruce will not load the audio.
When you have given the audio/video files the same name, load in the video file and spruce will load the audio file staight after.