Near Emtpy Buffer when using CloneCD?

hi everyone,
just wondering if this happens to everyone. when i was burning a CD in cloneCD… i noticed that the main and sub buffers were very very low (less than 20%… like red zoning) at certain points during the burn… i noticed it happen once at around 50%, another time at around 75%… another time like 90%… and of course at the end. it might have also happened before 50%… but i wasn’t looking. is this normal and does this happen to everyone?

Copying on the fly? Well then it’s quite normal, the reader you are copying from may be to slow, or it slows down now and then because the source disc is bad/scratched.

actually, i wasn’t copying on the fly… just straight from a cloneCD image on my HD. is this abnormal?

DMA is enabled for both your writer and harddrive?
Is your harddrive near full? Is it an old computer?

Is this with CCD 4 or 3? CCD 3 uses way more resources than CCD 4. So I suggest you try out CCD 4 if you’re not already using it.

DMA enabled for both. not old… but not new comp (tbird 1g, 256 ram, 30g hd). however… my hd is rather running low… like 1g left… so that might be it. im using CCD3… so that again might be it too.