Near 800 MB iso files will not even fit on 900 MB discs, help?

I am trying to make several backups. So far I have wasted around 20 hours in total and ruined an expencive 900MB cdr. I am trying to copy games whoes iso’s are around 800MB and I think they have safedisk. I have downloaded countless ripping programs. I have managed to get the games working from the iso on my harddrive using daemon.
I have given up trying to convert the iso into the game on the cdr. The problem is that the disks labeled 900MB appear to only have near 800MB. I would be happy to copy the iso onto the disk and leave it as a data disk. I know I can use overburn, but not sure if I should try. Could someone please let me know if I can do this and what setting I need to change with nero. As I am a newbie to all this. Please make me :smiley:

What game is it?

Where did you d/l it?

What version of safedisc is it?

What writer are you using to burn the iso?

  1. I hope that game is freeware, becuase warez is not allowed in these forums.

  2. ISO files cannot contain copy protection information.

The game is Need For Speed Hot Persuit, age of empires, kingpin, mystery of the druids etc. I dont know what d/l meens. I used diskdump to copy the iso to my hardrive and it works fine using daemon. I have nero and a crippled version of fireburner and burnatounce. I am guessing it is safedisk 2.0, its mentioned in one of the main post by a senior admin. I am using a cyberdrive 52x/24x/52x. Apparently it is known as a safedisk killer.
Cyberwiz. Dont tell me I cant make a backup of a game that I bought. Tell all the companies that specialize in playing iso’s with copyright information, not me. Be helpfull cyberwiz and tell me how I can remove copy protection information from the source code. Maybe you can hack into the ms servers and get me the source code of the windows os aswell wiz:eek:

hadesthunder you will have to check each game individually with a protection scanner or search for it on the Copy Protection forum to find out what protection is implemented, if any.

Then you will have to use a program like Alcohol / BlindWrite /CloneCD etc with the appropriate settings to make and to write the corresponding images.

btw dont bother $CyBeRwIz$ with minor tasks as hacking into the ms servers, he has more important things to do :wink:

Originally posted by hadesthunder
Be helpfull cyberwiz and tell me how I can remove copy protection information from the source code.

This is not going to happen on this forum.:cop: