NE ND-4550A or Benq DW-1650 - only writing quality counts

My NEC 1100A died and I need a new burner.

I am using now only Verbatim DVD+RW for many, many Backups. But for the future DL should be intersting.
Bitsettings for +RW (to +R(W)) are important for my DVD-Roms (Toshiba).
I need a persistent quality burner.

I read the reviews of above mentioned burners.
For the NEC there are many Tools & Firmwares.
The Benq has Qsoft and also a new updated firmware on their homepage.
The price is the same for me (about 55 Euro).

Which burner should I choose?

I have the 4550 amd the 1655 which is basicly a 1650 with Light Scribe added. They are both great drives but the NEC does DVD Ram if you care about that too. I think the 1655 does better with most regular media, the NEC does better with DL media including the dreaded Ritek D01 thats so awfull. If I didn’t want RAM support and was mostly doing normal media I’d get the BenQ, If you need the other features get the NEC. They can both do bitsetting with the right FW, Benq does it right outa the box. I haven’t tried my BenQ with DL since latest update yet.

Since +rw is what you plan on burning, then I would suggest the NEC drive, since benq’s aren’t so good for +rw’s.