NDD-3550A more noisy after firmware update

I just flashed my ND-3550A from 1.05 to 1.06 through NEC program and I noticed now the noise is very high when putting a DVD and begin to browse it. did i make anything wrong ?

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Changing firmware on this drive should not cause the drive to make more noise.
Maybe the disc you were reading was slightly warped?

I flashed my bios to 1.06 as soon as I got this drive from shop. I like the performance of this drive but this drive is just too loud especially when playing dvd movies. I mean loud, compared to any dvd drives I’ve used. I don’t know the state before the bios upgrade but hope the newer bios will fix the problem.

You mabye could use Nero Drivespeed to reduce the speeds…

chef, you were damn right. With Drivespeed I brought it down to 8x and I couldn’t hear anything. Lite-On drive which I used to reader came out 6x on Drivespeed.

Is this only effecting DVD reader speed? This will not degrade the burnig or CD reading speed, right?

Thanks again for your tip!

It will only reduce the READ speed for CD and/or DVd media, whatever you select.


do you know why with some dvd drives (pioneer and plextor) I can’t change the drive read speed using the Nero Drive Speed?

You can try using cdromtool. When you load it go to the automation tab.


Have you put the disk in your player to see if it makes noise? I have a disk that sounds like a lawnmower here