ND6500A Won't burn DL

Hey all,
I’ve been trying at this for a few weeks now… mostly lurking on these boards, or googling, trying to find as much info as i can, but i have gotten nowhere, so now i post to see if anyone is either in the same boat, or can help me.

Basically, i got an ND 6450 out of the box in my Compaq R3440CA laptop. I learned soon after that this was a 6500, and so capable of burning DL, just with depreciated firmware. So, i hunted down some firmware for the 6500(2.23), and flashed it. All went well until i tried burning DL. I bought myself Verbatim DL disks, that i had read are amongst the best, and made sure that they do actually work on the ND6500(darn things ain’t cheap!!).

Anyhoo, to cut to the chase, It didn’t work. So, since then, i’ve tried every firmware i can get my hands on, including modified versions. I’m still at the same place i was… I know the thing still works fine, since i can burn cd’s and dvd5’s without a problem, it’s just this DL issue.

Nero tell’s me it’s an illegal disc, Sonic recordnow just flakes out on me, and DVD Decrypter tells me that it’s an incompatible format. I haven’t tried a different medium mainly because i haven’t heard one person say that they have had problems with the Verbatim DL’s on this drive, only statements that it does actually work. Other things i’ve tried are updating Nero to the latest version(, and all the other burning software i have to latest versions, and updating my BIOS to the latest version i could find(given that this is a laptop)

Anyhoo, if anyone can give me a hand, that would be most appreciated… I can get you any logs you may want, just ask.


I’m not really very familiar with this drive, if it is indeed a 6500 then it should be able to burn DL media and Verbatim is as good as it gets for DL media.

It seems you have tried just about everything you can to get this too work. It could be the drive is poorly calibrated. If this is the case you will need to RMA the drive.

Bah… The problem is i doubt that they’s take it back since it’s officially an nd6450, and it does everything it was officially supposed to.

So i’ll prolly be left with a DL-capable burner that can
t actually do it.



That might be the reason why double layer doesn’t work with usual 6500 firmwares. NEC might have a check here. It should be possible to circumvent it, but that probably needs some work and somewhat more info.

I’m curious to see if there has been any progress on this issue. I have the same problem, and I have noted that it is common to almost everyone who has tried to upgrade the 6450 to 6500. I’m not even sure that it has been succesfully done.

Have you guys got anywhere with this?

Did anyone already try my NEC drive conversion tool for this purpose?

I just gave it a shot. It id’s my drive as 6450 even though it has 6500 fw, and after the file is succesfully executed, the drive is still ID’d as a 6450. dvd decrypter still returns an incompatible media error on a DL burn attempt.

Did I use it correctly? if so, any other Ideas that might do the job?

You could try changing the ID to 6500 and rebooting. If it doesn’t work, you can still change this value back.

After the reboot the drive is still recognized by the converter as a 6450. Should I flash the firmware back to 6450 before I run the converter?

Do you think there is a mechanical difference between the 6450 and the 6500, since none of the the 6500 firwares will enable DL with this drive?

Hmmm. Once you changed the value in your drop down box and hit the “Apply” button, this value should be changed when you restart the converter (even without rebooting!)
I’m not sure if the necessary command is implemented in these firmwares too and I’m too lazy to check now :wink:

I don’t think there are mechanical differences between both drives, but this still doesn’t mean that you can easily convert a 6450 to a 6500 drive. Take the 1100 and 1300 for example. They are identical drives, but some calibration data seems to be missing on the 1100, so it’s a bit tricky to make it write minus discs.

Thanks for the info Liggy.

If you ever get a chance to check it out, I’m sure there would be a lot of people who would be very interested in what you find. I know I would.


Could this kind of difference explain why 6100 drives flashed to 6500A seem to be flakey with cheap DL media?

I see lots of coasters using (RiDATA 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL White Inkjet Printable 25 Pack Cake Box Disc - Retail) from Newegg with errors at the layer switch.

Or is it just the cheap media?

Taiwan media are still worse-burned with current DVD burners…just avoid using them.