ND6500A Reverse ATA problem



Hi, I have been trying to get this unit to work in a Toshiba Sat Pro 4600 with no luck. The Original Firmware was 2.40 which I flashed back to 2.23 (NEC 6500 Original - Liggy/Dee) thinking this might work. I then used the DOS Reverse Flash utility. It works fine using the Desktop but not in the Notebook.


ADDITION: I tried to get drive back to Normal ATA for possible use as an external USB drive using the DOS Normal ATA utility but DOS reports " DRIVE IS OLD BOOT" so it remains in Slave Mode. Please Help as I am LOST!!

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if u have an extra one of these interface adapters around try this mod to it.
many toshiba notebooks have troulbe recognizing this dvd drive properly and either generate and ide error #1 at boot or if they boot only install this drive as secondary slave rather than secondary mastwer as this drive requires if it is to reach full read and write capabilities.

i use radio shack silver bearing solder paster as it is cheap, a paste until a solder iron is applied and easy to get just right amount between the tiny connectors without screwing it up.

i posted the picture at this thread



Hello Tecra, Thanks for the Info. However the drive won’t fit the Notebook with the adapter attatched. I need to get the drive back to Direct or Cable Select Master but the Normal ATA DOS utility from Liggy/Dee’s page keeps reporting DRIVE IS OLD BOOT and the drive stays as SLAVE. I was wondering if I could use the Windows Flash program Direct from the NEC website to flash drive to 2.24 F/W or if this would make the drive unusable?
Any advice is apprieciated.


i do not understand. r u saying the drive will not physcially fit in the notebook with the interface attached and the undercarriage and caddy screwed in?


Sorry tecra now I’m lost, the notebook and drive both have the 50 pin connector as per your photo. The drive is permanently mounted (i.e. no carriage, no caddy) held in by 2 screws on a bracket under the key pad.
The 50pin to 40pin IDE adapter (your photo) was only used to test / flash the drive in a Desktop.
I plan to use this drive as an external unit connected via USB but I need to get the unit back to Master (direct or cable select).
The Toshiba Sat Pro 4600 Notebook was only ever designed for a DVD rom as MAX spec. Hence it did not recognise this drive even before I flashed it. I know this drive will work via USB as a Hard drive worked using the same USB adapter cable.
Hope this clears things. Howdie.


Oh Howdie, you are confused. The photo in Tecra’s post is the board inside your Toshiba laptop, not a 50pin to 40 pin adaptor. He’s saying to modify the Toshiba laptop instead of the drive which acheives the same thing