ND6450A : impossible to burn a certified 16x dvd


I have a laptop compaq with a NEC dvd-+rw ND6450A, firmware 2.36
NEC ND-6450a won’t burn with 16x dvd’s !
i only can burn with 4x dvds.

I tryed to update my firmware with the firmware 2.58 and 2.24 of ND6500A (http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/6500/)
but i have an error message !
the error message is : “your firmware is 02 and the firmware you try to install is for 84…”

Have you a solution ??
Because now it’s very difficult to buy dvds with speed certified 4x

thanks and sorry for my english


See if you can change your drive’s ID number using the Drive Converter first. Then try updating the firmware.

Also the latest firmwares are actually the Dell 203d/403d (master & slave)…go by the firmware dates and writing strategy versions.

Also checkout the TDB page.