ND3550A problem reading DVD-R UDF 1.02 (but DVD-Video works)

I’ve got a NEC ND-3550A fw1.05 and I have problems reading DVD-Rs that contain 1 MKV-file (greater than 2GB) in UDF 1.02 format. Reading is very slow and explorer and the different media players are getting unstable or hang.
I’ve no problem with burned DVD-Video discs (also UDF 1.02).

Who can help me out?

You can do nothing, the speed is limited by the bad quality of the media (burn).

Media quality seems ok, because I can read the discs without problems with Nero CD-DVD Speed, but not from the explorer or any mediaplayer. I’ve had no problems reading the discs with my ND1300A fw1.0c.
I think that DVD-Video discs have no problems because of the bridged UDF/ISO format and these discs being ‘pure’ UDF 1.02.

No, because it’s an Video/audio file, it has to be checked through by the “tool” it wants to open/copy it before.
That takes time, even more time when it is as big as yours.

Hmm… i’m not confinced about that, becuase I had no problems at all with my ND1300A. Maybe the ND3550A is defect?

Or maybe DMA mode is disabled.

DMA is on. Just did a test with a DVD+RW with the same file. Works like a charm. Strange… because the other 2 brands DVD-R media (MAM-E 4X & Infiniti 4X) give problems. I’ve got very good expiriences with those two brands. Can it have something to do with the booktype?