ND3550 Seen as CD drive when blank DVD inserted?

Hi guys… I just purchased and installed ND3550A. It will play DVDs fine, but if I put a blank DVD in, the computer then tells me it’s a CD drive. What gives, and how do I fix it?? Is it the drive, some software I need, or what?? Not new to the burning game by any means ( starrted out on a SONY DRU500A, am on my 4th burner ), but this has me a bit befuddled. I dont need it to burn movies as I have a laptop for that, but just to burn files… Help, PLEASE!!

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This is normal. All of my drives do the same.

But it wont let me burn to the disk. It gives me an error. Im using NERO, and it only gives me the option to burn a CD.

Update Nero. I doubt your drive is supported with that old version.

Will try that. Thanks, and will let ya know what happens!

DVD recordables are not natively supported by w32 OS’, that’s the reason behind.
The only exception is DVD-RAM.

I have the exact same problem and I don’t know whats causing it. I’ve upgraded to the latest nero software and I’ve flashed it to the original firmware as well. I’m also using it as an external. It’s really frustrating. The 3540 didn’t do this. Please help. Thank you.

Have you even read all the replies here?


yes i’ve read all of the replies, but it doesn’t specify a solution to the problem. you do mention that not all recordables are supported by W32 OS and don’t say what i need to fix it. anyone else??

You wanna fix windows???

Use a proper burning app.