ND3540 - sudden problem - not reading self-burned DVDs


i have already posted my problem, but i didnt realize that it was a bad posting with no good title and no good description of the problem.
so pls delete http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=173364

so here is the problem i have, well described.

i have NED ND3540, european version - region code 2. but i use programs like AnyDVD to watch region code 1 DVDs.

At the beginning my ND3540 (bulk) was with original firmware 1.01.

i pretty often buy second hand DVD movies and becouse they are second hand i back them up as ISO images on the HDD using DVD Decrypter. Then i burn them using CLoneDVD and Alcohol120%.

everything was fine and the drive could read and play movies on different media (verbatim, tdk, memorex, princo, maxwell) without any problem, even movies burnt on other systems werent a problem.

one day CloneDVD came up with an error … and from that day on the drive can read and play only original DVDs and RW DVDs. All other DVDs (not only movies but also data DVDs) get err msg from windows XP pro SP1 - “Windows can not read from disc, it is probably corrupted or …”. but when i open them with IsoBuster they are readable and i can extract data. When i test those DVDs on my laptop FS Amilo WinXPHome SP1 everything was fine.

i thought maybe one DVD somehow blacklisted my drive becouse of me trying to back it up. so i installed new win XP pro SP2 without formating the other partitions (windows partition is not C) and tried once again those DVDs. windows recognized them as blank medias.

but i wasnt happy with SP2, so i installed windows XP pro SP1 once again, tried thoses DVDs and got the same error as before - “…can not read from disc …”

at that moment i tought maybe one DVD somehow flashed my drive, so it can play only origin DVDs and RW medias. and i flashed the drive with original firmware 1.04 - this was 3 days ago but windows still didnt want to read these DVDs.

today at the eveniing i will get a LG DVD-ROM to test if the problem is in the drive or in windows … actually to ensure that problem is not in the drive bacouse of the positive results with IsoBuster. and will post tommorow the results.

as far as i remember windows always keeps some stupid files on partition C. as mentioned when reinstalling windows, which is not on C partiotion, i didnt format the other partitions, so those files warent actually touched when formating windows partition. but the new windows should actually replace them …
is it possible that some stupid DVD added somewhere (C partiotion, BIOS, registry) information that tmy ND3540 play only original DVDs??

thank you for any advice

Test the drive in another computer…


yesterday i got a LG DVD-ROM and installed it instaed of my TEAC CD Writer. The LG could read any DVD with a great speed.

afterthat because my case was so and so open, i thought i could change the data channel, so i moved ND3540 from Ch 1 / Master to Ch 2 / Slave, but it still could read only original DVDs.

But after switching channels and starting windows, windows recognized the ND3540 as CD-ROM. i have searched the forums for similiar problems but could not find anything.

i will try today to find another computer to test in it the ND3540.

Open Devicemanager, it should show you the correct recognition of the drive…


i have just checked the drive in another mashine - problem is still there.

in devicemanager the drive is recognized as “_NED DVD-RW ND3540A” - that is ok :))

i have also talked to a guy in the office and he suggested that the reading head might be dispositioned and thatswhy the drive can read only manufactured DVDs and no burned.

i will go tomorrow in the shop where bought it and will claim a new one …

Yes, seems to be the best idea.


i received the new one drive, its been exchanged. but i got a 3550A. could u pls tell me whta the diff is?

The 3550 has newer hardware.