ND3520AG - problem with verification on DVD-R


I’ve strange problem with verification on my ND3520AG. When I burn ant DVD-R media everything seems to bee OK. But if I run verification in Nero or try to test media with Nero CD/DVD Drive speed i get a lot of errors and verification stops at some point. But thse media plays fine on my DVD player and verification done on my second PC with ND3500A (with the same version of Nero CD/DVD Drive speed) everything is OK. I’ve tried original 1.04 FW, Liggy and Dee 1.06 and 1.07 FWs and all give me the same results. I use only x8 DVD-R from TDK and Verbatim so there should be no problem with media itself (and there is no problem in other players :slight_smile: ).

What’s more interesting the same files burnt with the same app but on DVD+RW verify without any problems in ND3520A. I haven’t tried DVD+R since my DVD player accepts only DVD-R.

Could you tell me what can be wrong and how to correct it?

Try dvd+r and make them dvd-rom with bitsetting;)

I’ve thought about it but what’s so bad with DVD-R? Is it common for this drive or it’s only mine so strange?

Welcome to the club!! :smiley:

NEC 3520 seems to have trouble reading its own burnt DVDs with certain media…

But this is the first time I see this problem from someone using Verbatim media. (Are you sure your media is real Verbatim and not fakes??? )

Look for another posts from user ‘kbronct’ (me).

Smile, you are not alone. :a

How to check it? I’ve bought these media in normal, good computer shop where I nuy all my computer hardware and media. They look 100% normally.

same problem, on both +r and -r across a dozen different brands, always around 70% and above it has CRC errors according to the drive, but is fine on other drives.