ND3500AG burns Xbox backups but not DVD movies...WHY!


I have used the ND 1300A drive for a while and has had no problems at all after upgrading firmware. I bought the nd 3500AG recently and used it to burn with the same media as before. All worked for my Xbox backups without problem. One day I tried to backup, DVD-copy via image, one of my DVD movies and all I get is a non-readable disc. I tried to backups from a image only and I get a movie that only plays one chapter at my comp and non-readable in Xbox or PS2.

I reinstalled my 1300A and now it does the same. All I know of what I recently has updated in my computer before I tried to burn a DVD movie is that I updated my Nvidia drivers to 66.93. My mobo bios is updated but I had the problem before that. No nforce drivers on the mobo but Intel.

The media I use is the same for movies as for Xbox and I have never ever had any problem at all burning or playing anything before with that media.

Anyone knows of my problem???

(I have searched the forum the best I could and found nothing useful but I might have missed this topic if it has been posted before so don´t be mad at me for asking somthing someone already has asked before)

Now it works!! For the moment at least.

What I did was that I downloaded a new winaspi32.dll for nero and also defragged my partitions. This seems to have worked. Now I have managed to burn 2 dvd movies and they are playable both in my comp and my Xbox and not shown as CD-R in the Windows explorer.

I hope this will last

Hi rialin,

I’m working on the same problem, but know nothing about the Xbox. When you say you “defragged”, do you mean on the Xbox?

I’m not using Nero - I’m using the Roxio suite. I’ve done a search for winasp32.dll and it isn’t even on my system! I guess Roxio has it’s own dll for aspi.

Anyway, if you could answer my first question about the target of the defragmentation that would at least get me started.