ND3500 and overburning

First, Hi to everybody and sorry for my english!

Does anybody know if 3500 support overburning with CD-R media and if it recognizes correctly 99mins supports?

And what about overburning on DVD supports?


CDR overburn supported, max. length 89 min.
DVD overburn not supported.

DVD overburning IS supported in Nero , but horribly fails on most media.

Thanks for infos!

…i hope 3500 will at least write on 99 min media till its own limit of 89 min…
…CDRW drive i had did not recognize these media at all!

even nero 6.6’s short lead-out does not really allow 3MB extra :frowning:

so the claimed 12MB depends on your hardware… am I right?

I’ve seen that CD-Rs can maximally be written up to 89:59 from many sites, but I have tested with many CDR that:
NEC 3500 can burn only up to 80:30~. Infact, after this time, data or audio are unreadable. With same media and LiteOn 52327S I write more than 81:00, readable.

I think this is a firmware limitation…
Your experience?

I think that’s more a hardware than firmware limitation, but haven’t done extensive tests, especially with CD media.

It’s strange: many forums say 3500 burns CDR up to 89:59…

Hi! I haven’t read about overburning with NEC 3500 before, but couple of months ago I wanted to burn some extra data on TDK DVD+R 8x (t’was sth like 40MB), I turned the overburning on and pushed the burn button, nero showed me some warning but I was moving on and in fact it was burning well up till the end and I don’t really remember now when the error occured (still during the burn process or when it was doing lead out); anyway the process ended with an error but the disk itself it’s readable but the last movie file is clipped (cut) couple minutes before the end;
It was my first approach with overburning
Today I wanted to burn 17MB extra data but now just before the burning process starts nero shows the error that it couldn’t start burn process in dao mode
I have to add I’m using L&D 2.TG firmware (great:)
Can someone tell what could have change?
Sorry for such a long post but it’s really interesting, isn’t it?
Thanx in adavnce

Surely when the LEAD OUT were done Nero came up with an error.
Regardless of that the content should be fully readable afterwards…