ND3500 2.FD - TY02 vs. MCC003



Hope I have the right forum.

I have an ND-3500 with MadDog 2.FD firmware. I need to choose whether to buy either TY02 +R hub printable from Rima, or Verbatim MCC003 +R hub printable from somewhere else. Price is about the same.

I have used TY02 and MCC003 in the past and both play fine in my DVD players (in the case of TY02, only if I burn at 8x - had trouble near the end of movies at 16x). My transfer curves for TY02 is a very smooth; the curves for MCC003 have three or four small “down ticks”. I have no way to perform any other quality testing, but have seen those presented by others in this forum and both TY02 and MCC003 look pretty good.

Before I flip a coin, any recommendations as to TY02 vs. MCC003 given the firmware I’m using?



Both good media, but I’d go with the TY02 Hub Printables from RIMA. All the TY (TY02 & TYG02) that I’ve ever received from RIMA is Grade A Quality, so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Good luck.


I’d go for the YUDEN000T02 (TY02). Verbatim MCC003 varies in quality depending on origin of manufacturing (India, Taiwan, Japan). Try lowering the burnspeed of the TY02 to 12X and see if it gets better.


I own the nec 3520a w/ liggy&dee’s V1.UF firmware, would you also recommend TY02 over the MCC003?


Thanks much for the help. I did try the TY02 at 12x, but at least with the 2.FD firmware and a Sony set top DVD player I still had problems. Both 16x and 12x burns, however, worked fine in a Panasonic set top player, as well as in a Panasonic portable.


So which ones are the best, then?


For my money, I’ve decided to stick with TYG02 (-R) hub printable from Rima. Same price as the +R. Disk quality scans of both +R and -R TY at 8X burns are very very good, although -R have been just a hairs breath better (generally PIF spikes of 5 max, and totals of 100-200 on -R, 200-400 on +R). The deciding factor for me was player compatability. Even with the +R bitset to Rom, and a quality scan that would make many media companies envious, one of my customers couldn’t play the Yuden000 T02 on his set top player. I haven’t had any compatability issues with TY -R. Since I usually burning disks at their rated speed anyway, I really don’t see any reason to buy +R again (unless there’s a great sale going on - heck, the +R play perfectly in all my players!).

BTW - NEC 3500 using Liggy and Dee’s 2.TC.


For the 3500, you can’t go wrong with TY02 or TYG02. I’ve used many spindles of Fuji TY, Sony TY, “Shiny” OEM TY02 & TYG02, and the TYG02 (Hub Printable) from RIMA has been some of the highest quality TY I’ve ever used. But I’m sure someone has received a TY02 spindle from RIMA that was in fact better than that. Luck of the draw.


Oops, I meant “so, of the different MCC 003 plants, which country is best”. I didn’t realize I had quoted that second sentence as well.


Japan of course :wink:


MCC003 Made in Japan ?? I don’t think they exist… only Singapore, Taiwan and India.


Well, I’ve been looking at the prices from the Rima site, and the “Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4.7GB, 8X, $0.41 ea., 100-Pack” looks quite nice. It comes to less than I can get Verbatim MCC 003 from Sam’s Club, even with shipping. o_0 I don’t have a printer with disc printing capabilities, so the printable discs are useless to me.

I think I’ll purchase a spindle of these once my current MCC 003s run out. Thanks for the tip!