ND3100 AD nero error and flashing question

Hey guys, i got this dvd +rw drive NEC ND3100 AD from dell and when i wanna burn stuff in nero i get this messege saying “could not end disc at once” straight away without even beginning to copy. I was wondering if n e one ever solved this problem? I read that it might be fixed by flashing the drive but i can’t find firmware for the 3100 anywhere. Also some people say it can be flashed to the 3500? if so can anyone explain to me how to do it and where i can get the firmware from?



Flash in DOS or use Liggys binflash utility to flash a 3500A .BIN firmware.
See the posts pinned to the top of the forum.

Can you email me the windows flasher please (wouldn’t that be safer for me to use as a first time user?) and also i’m not sure where i can get the firmware, any chance you can tell me where i can get that too?

… why email ?? … just read the forums, you can find binflash here :wink:

yeah i know but when i load the application it runs in dos mode, i was wondering if there was like a windows version of it

the GUI version is a windows type.

oh ok, thanks, sorry for making this so long, i’m just new to this, and where can i get the nd3500 firmware? also will it make the drive write positives and negatives? and if it doesn’t work properly is the process reversible?

Thanks, hopefully this is the last time

You can find BIN files here: http://tdb.rpc1.org
Yes it will make the drive dual format +R/-R
Yes it is reversible, make sure you back up your current firmware first.