ND2510a in external case

I’ve bought the nd2510a and an external drive (Combo USB2.0 and firewire).

I think I’ve made a big mistake! Have tried to burn two full discs (both RiDisc RitekG05). Both have worked but the burn time was 2hours each!!! :confused:

I’ve got a dell latitude C610 laptop (hence the external desision). Using Nero (also have Alcohol 120% installed) I’m thinking that it may be a USB issue…do you think the laptop may be at USB1.1? Would this have this effect or is it something else???

Used the nero speed check on both a DVD and a traxdata 52xCD-R…the speed was naff… x0.72

Any suggestions? Would a firewire PCcard work?


most laptops are USB1.1 unless there made in last year or so and then they still might be USB1.1. sure sounds like it is. USB1.1 will only burn disks at 1x

PS as to ieee1394 firewire yes it should work fine once the laptop has firewire card in it it will have 400Mbits/sec more then enough speed for full 8x burns.

Yea, your laptop probalby is USB 1.1 (the quick search I did on the C610 indicates it is a PIII era laptop). Soooo it will always burn slow unless you can find a USB 2 card for it.


I’ve just ordered a firewire PCcard :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response.