ND2510 Hardware/OS problem

I have no idea what’s going on with my PC. So here’s the story.

OS - Windows XP Pro

  1. Installed the ND2510 under Secondary with another Pioneer DVD as master.

  2. PC somewhat becomes really slow. Hard disk access especially.

  3. Switched ND2510 to master.

  4. PC’s speed becomes normal.

  5. Put in Ritek DVD-R, hard disk access starts become slower.

  6. Tried burning 4.3GB of mp3 using Nero 6.

  7. While burning process, I didn’t see what happened, stucked at 3%

  8. Windows gave an error that the hardware lost connection or something.

  9. Nero DID NOT have any error. Windows kinda hanged.

  10. Did a reset.

finally–> Windows could not boot. During the Windows logo loading bar, it will show BSOD for less than 1 second, with tons of error… that’s all.

help… it is my NEC2510? Or hard disk? Or my OS is plain messed up. :bow:

  1. Check your IDE cables.

  2. Unplug your 2510 and see if windows boot. If yes, try swapping master & slave with pioneer or another IDE channel.

  3. If no, try updating your firmware.

  4. If still no go, you may have to try to re-install windows.

  5. Still getting nowhere, consider hardware problem. :slight_smile: :wink:

thanks for the reply.

I would probably need to fix the OS first.

After unplugging it, I still canot login into my OS. I can fix my firmware thru DOS?
Well, NEC hasn’t released a new firmware for NEC drivers right?

actually, someone did say something about NEC DVD burner:

The problem has nothing to do with defragmentation, there is something in the firmware which is synchronising the HD LED and the Burners LED activity, Herrie seems to have removed this problem.

If you don’t mind changing the drive to 2500, try out Herrie’s 107v2 DL B5. It has all the essential features of 2510 including DL support, but you have to flash in DOS and your drive will appear as 2500.

Refer to this thread if you are interested.

I’ve been using this firmware ever since its release and I’m very happy with it. But I don’t have any DL disc to try out yet. From what I’ve read, it seems to work in most of the drives.

Please remember to back up your original firmware before flashing. :slight_smile: :wink:

Yup, I thought of that, and buying 2500A. But I figured, might else well plunk $15 and get legitimate DL and keeping the warranty.

same here,
i should have bought 2500a and upgrade the firmware.
i got 2510a and now it won’t read blank cdr and cdrws. :frowning:
dvd burning is great, plays in everything.
i had to switch the 2510 to secondary master as it was not finding other dvd-rom when i put it in the secondary slave.
now my configuration is like follows:
IDE Primary ------------ hard drive 80gb
IDE Secondary 0 ------ Nec DVDrw 2510a
IDE Secondary 1 ------ Compaq DVD-rom

so i think secondary 0 is master and secondary 1 is slave.
now computer is fine except i’m having hard time reading ONLY BLANK cdr and cdrws from both drives to burn mp3 or audio…
hope i will fix it some day later…

My OS hdd was messed up.

  1. I did a fresh OS install on a differend hdd.
  2. Switched ND2510 to Master
  3. Used a older 40-pin cable? the older cable 33/66, not ATA100/133 ones.
  4. WOOHOO! DVD burning was ok.

While reading DVD still have hdd access, it is not slow anymore. Next I will try burning blank CD-R see if it works.