ND2500A with Lite-On 166 for ripping setup?

Hi all,

I just got the NEC, have it set as Secondary Master.

? is: If I get a 166 for ripping DVD, should that be set up as Secondary Slave, thus leaving the burner as Master?

I am under the impression that the burner should allways be the Master on the channel, correct?

Thanks :slight_smile:

although it technically shouldn’t matter, sometimes devices refuse to work unless they’re set as masters. if u have problems with one configuration, just try another one.

Thanks AZ!

Looks like you are using the 166 for ripping? How do you like it?

i like it a lot. fast, cheap, region-freeable… what more could u want from a dvd-rom? :bigsmile:

If it’s possible I’d put the DVDROM on another IDE channel than the DVDR drive. Why? Because of the specification of the IDE bus (bus interleaving), on-the-fly copies can’t be done (well) when these devices are on the same channel…