Nd2500a Memory Buffer Usage ***

Hi, firstly can i say a big HI to u all!!

Now then, I’ve had my 2500 for about 3 weeks now without a problem.

But… earlier today i went as usual to copy a DVD using Alcohol 120% with the usual Mirror Pro Ritek discs at 4x only to find copying froze (usually around the 8% mark)

Basically the memory usage bar goes upto 100%, then, when the burning to blank media starts, the usage goes down to 0%, then works back up again! However, after it reaches the said 0%, the
actual burning to disc stops and i get the error message saying that something wrong happened with the recording procedure. as if i didnt know already!

To rectify this problem, i’ve tried using different brand of dvd-r and also burning from the hard drive as opposed to on-the-fly from my dvd-rom drive, to no avail!

I have, however found one solution - to copy, on-the-fly at just 2x!!!

This is all well and good, but i didnt splash out on a 8x drive, only to burn at 2x!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as i’ve already acheived about a dozen coasters today!



Just tried playing back what i’ve copied and found that none of the Ritek G04 Mirror Pro’s worked at all!

BUT, the previous RiDisc G04’s DID work fine!

So, there you go, it cost me £16.00 to find out the Mirror Pro discs don’t work with this drive yet!

Glad to hear you’ve narrowed down your problem.
It is well known the Ritek G04 can vary in quality depending on the batch/brand…