ND2500-A: Why is it so bad at reading discs?


I use AOpen 1648/aap’s as readers/rippers for both my 3500’s - it’s a good combo that works each and every time-


I agree, my NEC 3500 is hopeless at reading anything that has a scratch on it, often DVD’s burnt on other burners it fails at too.

So have to use my Laptop CDRW/DVD-ROM for them, pretty bad NEC cant do better.

That said, it does burn well!

BTW, first choice for reading scratched/low quality discs are the Toshi SD-M 1612 / 1712 according to my experiences. The most reliable drives which I have ever had.

There are many discs which can neither be read by the AOpen 1648/AAP nor the AAP Pro - but my Toshi 1612 reads them successfully (with a few slowdowns).

My 2500 is a crappy reader but my 3500 does ok.
I use my LG for a reader and the 3500, I think, burns better (and faster with Dee’s firmware) than all the others. I’ve got a BenQ for testing and it writes
a disc almost as well as the 3500, but there are no worthwhile firmware
hacks. I’m not complaining about my NEC’S. They are awesome because
of people like Dee & Liggy & Herrie, they make them WORK[COLOR=Red] :bow: :bow: :bow:

ND-3500A fw LD 2.TA
BenQ DW1620A fw B7T9
LG/GSA-4120 fw A104[/LEFT]

I bought my 2500 based on the CD Freaks review because burn quality was my main concern. I fully expected some decent discs not to play well in it but after a year of frequent use have never had a read problem. Great drive.

I just had my first read problem with my 2510 using Datawrite Grey Fuji dye DVD-R, but my old Afreey x10 DVDROM drive read it no probs. Generally my 2510 hasn’t been too bad as a reader, and faultless as a burner.

Sorrry for bringing up a old thread but I googled read errors for the NEC 2500 and found this.

I’m having problems reading DVD-Rs the 2500 burnt just a few days ago, it only wants to read them at 1x CD (350 kbps according to Nero).

My 2500 with Maddog 2F9 firmware has always been a solid performer. Never had burn problems and never had any disc read problems. I’ve had the drive since May 2004 :smiley: