ND2500-A: Why is it so bad at reading discs?

I tried to backup my own copy of a DVD just yesterday. The back of the DVD has a few scratches on it, but it’s nothing serious - my Lite-On reads it perfectly.

But if you put any disc that is scratched in ND-2500A, at one point eventually software will report CRC errors. Doesn’t matter if I am using Nero, DVD Shrink, or DVD Decryptor. I am using firmware 1.07, I think I got better read results with 1.06. But I can’t find 1.06 anywhere and I’d like to flash back to that firmware. Or, is there a hacked version of the firmware that improved reading capability??

Thanks in advance…

The poor reading capability can’t be fixed via firmware, it is a hardware limitation of the ND-25xx drives. Use your other drives for reading.

It seems the nec drives 25x0 have poor error correction, alot of people (myself included) have a lite-on handy for reading lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow that sucks. What a rip off. :frowning:

Use your Lite-On for reading. (and ripping) Then burn all discs with 2500A.
Many people settled in this solution.

2500 is known for that…

Try NEC 3500, it is worse than the NEC 2500 :iagree:

and it is really good for burning :rolleyes: :eek:

How can NEC release DVD burners that cannot read back discs properly - even their own? I know this is known about - but it is scandalous. They should be forced to add ‘crap reading capabilities’ to the box and advertising blurb.

Most of the new PCs come with DVD ROM drives anyway and when you buy a burner it is because you want to burn and not so much read disks. NEC have chosen to concentrate on burn quality which far more important and I`ll settle for that.

My nec2500 cannot read a self burned RITEKG04 which scannes out perfectly in kprobe.

But considering NEC has been OEM only in the US, that means the drive that came with the new PC is probably the only DVD drive, or at least advertised as a premium feature by the PC maker. I love my 2500A, but my crappy Mad Dog 16X (Artec Ultima) is a better reader, though it is still rip locked because there is no hacked firmware for it. Anyone know of a hacked firmware for the Artec 16X DVD-ROM??

I don’t understand all the problems people are having with reads on this drive, it works fine for me with old generic media, scratched media, etc.

yeah i dont know about you all but my drive works perfectly. i guess i should scratch a disk up to cheak how good its error correction is. but theres only so much any drive can do with a scratched up disk. sometimes what seems like the drives issues is really the installed software issues that people have on their pc. so format your pc if the nec drive doesnt read your disk cause mine reads it all so far. maybe its cause i have a hacked firmware or whatever but i love the ripping speed of my drive now. works great to for copying backed up burns of xbox games:)

I have seen the same thing over and over with my NEC 3500 (which I love for burning). I use my little BTC1016 for reading those troublesome scratched disks.

Well I am notorious among my friends for not putting dics back in boxes, so I have a number of scratch and some badly scratched discs and my little 2500 has had no problems with them what so ever. D I don’t think it is a hacked formware thing either as I haven’t flashed mine since I got it a year or so ago so it still has only the original firware that it came with.

As for reading what it has burnt, mine only has problems with Datawrite red tops, it has read everything else. Maybe some people have just had some bad luck and got the bad ones in the batch.

My 2510 is a fair reader, but I like others use it only to burn with. All my reading and ripping I leave to my Lite-on.

Same here great writer but average reader…

This thread manages to stay alive, heh.
I guess the final verdict for most people is that the 2500 burners are very sensitive readers. I use an AOpen (flashed to BTC firmware) DVD-ROM drive for reading, it works just fine.

My 3500 is average to above average with bad media. Still need to fix a few horribly scratched media before the drive will read. The Plextor 712 is a much better reader.