ND1300A wont burn DVD's

hey all, im kinda new here and i’d like to ask something about a DVD-RW i have bought with my PC.(it was build-in at buy, i believe its called OEM) But here’s the problem: i cannot burn any DVD! I can burn and read any normal CD, and i can read any normal DVD, no matter its - or +, but somehow it will give an error to me if i start burning it. Here’s my configuration:

you see 4 cd drives, but in fact those SCSI drives are virtual drives, made by NERO Burning ROM.

The ND-1300 is quite old now & the firmware support for the current range of DVD media is very lacking.
It’s unlikely that it will burn any of the 16x media available.

We really need to know what the error is. If you’re burning with Nero then it can save a log file that you can then post back here. This will be most helpful to us.

Use a proper burning app.

i have used Videostudio 10 and NERO both to try to burn a DVD. stupid of me, i didnt save the error logs when i tried to burn a DVD. but also, each time i try, i lose a DVD, cause it gets screwed up. and i have only one empty DVD left :sad: so i’ll see if i can get buying more, you guys gotta wait a while.

No problem, just post back against this thread when you’re ready.

I see additional SIS 5513 IDE UDMA Controller in your configurations list.
Did you attach your NEC-1300A there or on the internal motherboard controller?
If you connected your DVD-Burner to the SIS - try it on the internal one, because not all additional controllers support CD/DVD drives!

Good idea. How are the drives connected and set up?
You maybe could find some Nero logs into the Nero subfolder. If you post logs here, please remove any serials before.