Nd1300a: Firmware flash with "roxio drag to disk" still running

Being the genius that I am, I decided to flash my drive to 1.08 from 1.05. I now have 3 lovely $2.00 coasters (the media was the Fuji media which I believe is TY01 or something like that). I successfully burnt a number of disks before “upgrading”, but now I keep getting “illegal media” errors and other such problems.

My drive actually came with “roxio drag to disk”, and I didn’t uninstall it before I flashed my drive to 1.08. Is this likely to screw anything up? I read the “readme” file afterwards which said to uninstall packetwriting software(InCD or directCD are mentioned specifically), so I wasn’t sure if not uninstalling the Roxio Drag to Disk software (which again, and ironically, came with the drive, but wasn’t listed in the readme file).

it’s pretty unlikely to have screwed anything up, and even if it did, u can still reflash the drive. it’s possible that the writing strategy changed in a negative way for the discs u’re using (although it seems a bit unlikely to me since TY is a very large manufacturer media). try flashing the drive to one of Herrie’s firmwares.