ND1100A can't burn 4X DVD+R Help

Hi, All
I have bought this driver in last week & It is fine to burn a
DVD+R at 2.4X. but when I put a TDK 4X or 3M 4X DVD+R in
my driver, Nero said it only can burn at 2.4X. Anyone know
why?? driver firmware ver is 1.9, Nero is the newest ver.Please help. the price of 4X DVD+R is double of 2.4X DVD+R price…:eek:
BTW anyone have a NEC ND1300A inside PCB pic?? Is the
chipset same as ND1100A…

Although the media may be suited for 4x recording, your NEC may not support this speed for this particular media. I don’t think you can force the drive to use the higher write speed… I think the only way to fix it would be to install a newer firmware version for your drive, if there are newer versions available of course (which I unfortunately doubt).