ND-7551A & Dell C600

I want to buy nd-7551a for my dell.
It’s 1Ghz p3m (coppermine), i440bx, 512MB PC100 RAM, a23 as bios ver.
Now i have dvd-rom lg drn-8080b, on secondary master.
In original dell mediabay drive is nd-6500a, but this is old device.
ND-7551A will work with this lap?

If it fits, I don’t see why not

Yes, it fits (connectors), i’m not sure about bios and controller configuration.

If a 6500 would work in this laptop, the 7551 shouild work too. And as far as I know Dell uses master devices which is good if you want to use a slimline NEC.

Thank you very much Liggy :slight_smile:

Dear Liggy,

Where can I buy the ND-7551A from ??

I’m in New York and I cannot find any stores selling it…

Thanks a lot…Glenn

How should I know? :eek:
I live in Germany - far away from NY

Perhaps you should be looking for the AD-5540A which is the current slimline model.

Brother Vlad