ND-7551 UK Watch

Found it in some German sites already, around 85 Euros, more details here:

If anyone finds this in a UK site please post. TIA for any replies.

found ND-6650 ND-6750A but not the 7551 must not be available yet

Seems that us in the UK get it later compared to other European sites. I even found it for sale on a Greek site, but again they don’t ship to the UK.

In Moscow ND7551 price around 90 USD

Where did you find the ND-6650 ND-6750As?

That’d do me…


the nd 6650 is at www.komplett.co.uk
and the nd 6750 is at www.dabs.com and www.svp.co.uk

No sign of it in the UK yet, still its been selling in Germany for at least a month now…

See this link for Dutch shops.

Many of these sites still don’t export, or they operate with direct banking transfers where you pre-pay for the device, (along with a sizable fee for the service which varies according to where you’re gonna wire-tranfer), then they send it to you when they see the credit in their bank account. I’m still trying to find a site that accepts credit cards. With credit card it’s cheaper, insured against fraudster sites, and I want to get the extra air miles too! :cool: )

At last, found it on a French site that allowed credit card transactions. Should get it in a couple of days, will post scans as soon as possible.


NEC AD-7543 has the same specs as NEC ND-7551. Probably AD-7543 is the new version of 7551?

You can find it at this UK online shop

Navigate to product search in the page left menu, type in 7543, do the search and after retrieval, click on returned “DVD+/-RW Drives (1)” . Currently the item is sold out, but you can phone them, or give your email address to alert you, when the drive arrives (I’ve done so already).

You can also check the specs here - (it says drive is comming soon- but the price is little bit higher than in the wstore)

I did check the size of it and the connection type (50 pin IDE), so I hope it will fit into my Prestigio 157 - wanna ged rid of currently installed QSI SDW-082 (which is really pain in the *ss)