ND-7551 turn back from 1-P2 to 1-02 firmware

I have a trouble with NEC ND-7551
on the laptop Asus L5Gm.

NEC ND-7551 perfectly reads burned CDs and DVDs
but very poorly read industrial manufactured DVDs.
I’v replaced it in the shop with the other one.
But replaced NEC ND-7551 have the same problem.
I’v connected it to the desktop with the help of the
IDE-2-laptopDVD converter.
On the desktop everything works ok.
All media was read perfectly.

My original CDRW being installed into the laptop
was configured as Primary slave.
I dumped firmware of the NEC ND7551 with the binflush.
Then I flashed it 1.02 -> 1-P2 on the desktop
by the reverse firmware from the NEC
Flashing was successful.
On the desktop DVD works fine in the reverse state too.
But when I plugged it to the laptop, it still
has the same trouble

So the source of the trouble is my god damn Asus laptop!

Now I need to roll back to the original 1.02
firmware to return the DVD to the shop
to get my money back.

What can I do to turn to the original firmware?
My NEC is now in slave 1.P2 state.
May I flash it now with the dumped firmware (1.02)?

Please help