ND 7551 incompatible with HP laptop


we use an HP laptop at work, and we recently bought some nd-7551’s to write some linux isos , back-ups , …
And what do you know, the bastard don’t fit ! :a
Can we put the drive in an external housing or something, can we find an adapter ? any help on the issue might be useful.


The drive is a bastard? Haha.

Normally you have to get some info before dealing with an different slimtype drive …

Of course external enclosures can be used.

Hello supahfly, and welcome to our forum.

I suppose you are located in Europe, and the following USB2.0 slim-line external case from ICY BOX, should not be a problem to find.

Article number: ICY BOX IB-540U-B-BL

Did you check how the drive is defined and how the HP expects it to be (master/slave)?

Have a look at the link’s post #2:


I guess worrying about master or slave doesn’t help, if the drive physically does not fit in his laptop’s drive bay.

If the Lappy had an Matshita [B]super[/B]-slimline drive in when developed, it’s quite understandable that another slimtype cannot fit.

Sorry, I misread the post and took the word “fit” in the compatibility context.
My mistake.