ND-7551 does not read any commercially manufactured CDs



My new ND-7551 does not read any commercially burned CD-ROM or CD-Audio (even brand new ones) that do not cause any problems on my old Matshita drive.

CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-Video reading is ok.

Where may this come from?

Pleas help

  • it does not write CD-RWs (OPC - Power Calibration Error)

I will continue testing some other media, but I guess that the drive is faulty :frowning:


commercially burned CD-ROM or CD-Audio

What does that mean? Do you mean pressed ones??

rule #1: use better media.
Test the drive in another computer or disconnect the other drive first.


Yes, that is what I mean…“pressed ones”

I am using high quality media…TDK, Verbatim, Kodak
The pressed one are high quality too…EMI Audio CDs, etc.


If you have the chance to test the drive in another computer (notebook or desktop w/ adapter) then do so. I have a ND-7550A and in my notebook it doesn’t burn 8x +RW discs correctly. Some days ago, I hooked it up in another notebook and there it burned those discs fine as well. Though, the drive is okay, it’s just a combination of drive and computer that causes problems…
I assume, in my case, the drive doesn’t get enough power (current) to burn those discs correctly, but I assume that pressed discs require the least power compared to other disc types, so this shouldn’t be the problem…


Thanks for your hint

I now tested the drive in an external USB 2.0 housing and it works fine…reads pressed CDs and writes CD-RW.

Probably you were right assuming that is does not get enough power :
Actually, with the NEC I will have to use an external AC adapter, with my old Matshita drive the USB power is enough.

I also spoke to the NEC Hotline and they don’t know the cause, but suggest to get an exchange from my reseller in order to be sure.

I am wondering if I will ask for an exchange or just get my money back.


I am wondering if I will ask for an exchange or just get my money back.

Well, at first I’d try an exchange, but if it doesn’t change anything, I’d either live with the problem (very difficult in your case) or get the money back…


As you say…difficult to live with a drive that does not read pressed CDs and does not burn anything when in the notebook.

I’ll see but I already have some kind of foreboding… :frowning:


Not sure if it’s useful (you didn’t say what laptop you are using), but you might want to check this thread:


It’s for 6750 on Dell B130, FWIW, but the sympton is the same.


Thanks for your answer
I’m not sure what part of that thread you mean…if it’s flashing to reverse ATA, I already did so and that didn’t help :frowning:


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I personally think it’s not the reverse ATA or something else with the drive, but the combination of the particular drive and your laptop. Of course I only have experiences with 6750 and my Dell B130, so take it with a grain of salt. But the sympton is the same (cannot read commercially-pressed CD/DVDs, but reads CD-R/DVD±R ok). At the end of it, a couple of us having the same problem all got some other drives that work (mine is NEC ND-6500, others got Pioneer K16 or something, check the other thread).

I am just pointing out some other similar experiences and our solutions, but no, we didn’t solve the problem with 6750. Good luck! (I still have the 6750, so I’d be tracking the thread if someone actually solve the mystry. :slight_smile:


ok thanks cbsamc
now i see what you mean…(anyway i do have two IDE channels and no BIOS restrictions - my laptop is a whitebook/barebone, so it’s quite “open”)

i’ll get a replacement in a couple of days. if it still does not work, i’ll get my money back


i’ll get a replacement in a couple of days. if it still does not work, i’ll get my money back

Could you please post your results with the replacement when you have it?


Sure, I’ll share my knowledge whenever I can :wink:


OK…I got a replacement now and the situation remains exactly the same as before :frowning:

I have reported the problem to NEC Germany technical support and it is being investigated…


what does your 7551 drive say in the device manager?

is it primary slave? primary master? what ide channel is it on?

i think you have the issue we have/had with the b130 and the ide master issue. this drive probably demands it be primary master and the BIOS is not setting it up that way.

NEC drives like to be primary masters out of the box. ive learned that from so much trial and error with 3 different 6750 drives…


Actually, the drive was recognized as Slave when I bought it…then I flashed it with reverse ATA firmware and now it is Master…no problem so far.

I do have two different ND-7551 drives here (one is still slave, the other one is Master) and either of them behaves the same way resp. shows the same errors :frowning:

My theory is that they do not get enough power when inside the notebook.


do you have NERO? if not, install it and look over what it tells you.

what type of laptop do you have? name and whats under the hood?

still sounds like the issu i posted. so what model drive was in there that you swapped?


Nero Info Tool recognizes the drive as (same as in the BIOS)
“Secondary Slave” with normal ATA firmware (standard)
“Secondary Master” with reverse ATA firmware

The original drive that came with the laptop was a Matshita UJ-820S and I managed to get different other Matshita and LG drives working correctly.

My notebook is an Asus M3Np


You have to ask ASUS, you know that.