Nd-7551 cannot read its own burned dvds

I have the nd-7551 and it worked well reading and writing dvds, until a few days.
What happens now is, it burns all kind of dvds (data / videos / movies) without showing any error messages in nero 7. However, when trying to play them back either in the computer or dvd player, they won’t work.

nero and other disk programs cannot access the dvds anymore so I cannot even check or scan them. They just don’t play.

The dvd burner works for several minutes trying to read back the dvd but then gives up. In the computer the player (windvd7 and 8) just stands there and cannot access the dvd and the regular dvd player states: disk cannot played back. That’s it.

ANybody any idea. Can this drive just stop writing? I have even reflashed (102bt) with no change.


Try to change your IDE ribbon cable (supposedly use 80-type). This kinda problem happened to me once before and I solved it this way.

Well…my laptop doesn’t have a ribbon cable…but thanks for the idea.

may want to check out this information

the ASPI layer for windows is a set of files that allows windows, your burning software and your cd drives to communicate properly, as an example, when i acquired my first dvd burner, a 4x pioneer drive; and burned a dvd movie with the drive, the movies would only burn at 1x speed. With the ASPI layer installed the movies started burning at 4x, the max write speed for that drive.

Just update your IDE chipset drivers

Take care

If I find ASPI is missing,what next? Where do I find it,d/l it to where?