ND-7550A no master / slave only cs / ics

I have ND-7550A cable select (CS). I need that drive to be slave.
I’v tryed Liggy’s “NEC ND7550A Master bootcode flasher”, but it set up drive to CS.
Liggy’s “NEC ND7550A Slave bootcode flasher” is setting up drive to inverse CS as well as DOS “NEC ND7550A Reverse ATA firmware package”.
Where can I download real Slave bootcode flasher?

There is no such program. All NEC slimline drives either support CS or inverse CS. But one of these should make your drive recognized.

Thank you Liggy very match for complete answer.
I just was confused with names of files:Master bootcode and Slave bootcode. I guess they should be named CS and ICS.