Nd 6750a

Just put a brand New ND 6750A into my 1st Supersonic PCI-E Laptop

Recognised it straight away no any problems then tried to burn via nero 6 keep getting Power Calibration Error firmware 2.01 any ideas?

Cheers Gismogadget

This usually indicates incompatibility with the media you’re trying to use. Either try a good brand like Verbatim, TY (aka Fujifilm but made in Japan) or even some TDK’s.

Thanks will give that a try as I only have Ritek G 04 & G 05’s at the moment.

I just restored my new ND-6750 back to master after an incorrect assumption that mine needed to be a slave. I’ll let you know how my Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R media tests turn out.

I had the same problem with a ND-7550A. Just check, if the drive is set to UDMA mode and doesn’t hang in PIO mode.

So far so good with my Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R media. Although I’ve got to fix the following:

  1. Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) and DVD-R (MCC02RG20) seem to be limited to 6x. Even worse is that when I did a CD-DVD Speed “create disc”, it maxed out at 4x. Using MediaCodeSpeedEdit, I see it’s limited to 6x but it really only peaked at 4x. Going to try forcing it to use the MCC004 and MCC03RG20 strategies…wish me luck.

  2. This drive (at least with firmware 2.42) actually supports Disc Quality scanning! I’m not sure if I really need to adjust the ECC scanning interval though. Without tinkering with the scanning interval, results were better at 8x compared to 5x. After changing the scanning interval to 8ECC, the results looked a bit worse with respect to the PIF.

Ok, here are my Create Disc pics with Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R media. Even though the firmware [I]thinks[/I] it can do 6x, it really only maxes out at 4x.

I’ll try to test some more 8x discs after using MediaCodeSpeedEdit and making it use the Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R (i.e. MCC004 and MCC03RG20) strategies.

Ok, here are some disc quality scans from the above “create discs”. The 8x scans are just ok…whatever the default ECC was used. Then I changed the scanning interval to 8ECC and attached those scans too.

Ok, so here are my results after using Media Code Speed Edit to make the Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) and DVD-R (MCC02RG20) to use the strategies used by the Verbatim 16x discs. The DVD+R made it up to 8x but the DVD-R only got a little above 6x…oh well, guess this is the best I can get without a firmware update. :confused:

Note: For each disc, the 1st image is the create disc, second is with the default ECC and the 3rd is with the 8ECC.