Nd-6750 & hpzd8000



Does anyone know what to do to make the 6750 work with an HP ZD8000? It seems this “new” HP only has one IDE channel. And since the 6750 is set to Master, it won’t work.

I assume a 6500 will work as that is what HP recommends as the replacement drive, but the 6750 has so many more features that I wanted to use that.

I know that I can probably use the reverse ATA method or the CSEL solder method, but I don’t want to void my warranty. In fact, I have an RMA to return it to MWave.

So… what would you do? Drop down to the 6500 or modify the 6750?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


you have seen the thread i was very active in on this subject no?

i would get the 6500 OR since the 6750 wil fit in your notebook , RMA your 6750 and get the pioneer dvr-k16. it includes dvd ram support and is a good alternative to the 6750 (which does not support dvd ram) i use DVD ram a lot and have been using it for over a year so i can use my aleady existing dvd ram library in this drive. i gog my drive from new egg.


I was pretty sure that the 6750 supported dvd ram. That’s why I wanted to get it instead of the 6500 which does not support dvd ram. Are you sure about this?


DVD-RAM is only supported by NEC’s 7550 and 7551 drives. The 7551 also includes Labelflash.


im sure as i have/had 2 nec 6750a drives and have done a ton of research on the drive in the last few weeks. liggy backs me up also. i would love to get the 7551 drive but its only supported byNEC UK and wont be sold over here in USA and its also prone to the master/slave issue… i would love to have the lableflash aka light scribe aka disc T@2, but my laptop will not support the NEC drive…


OK… so what are the opinions on the pioneer dvr-k16 suggested by [B]marctronixx?[/B] Is there a way to set this drive to master or slave like I need?


this drive is very new and few people here have commented about it. the drive should work for you because this drive supports cable select. in simple terms that lets the computer tell the drive what it should be and the drive will do as instructed. the nec MUST be master and wont work properly in any other way unless u modd it.

search for dvr-k16 and you should find a couple threads on it in the pioneer forum…