ND-6750 bitsetting firmware 2.41 already available?



i’ve just installed my new 6750 and i’m a little bit confused about the firmware. It came with 2.41. I’ve searched here but found nothing about it, also i’ve looked on L&D’s page and there are two versions available 2.P1 and 2.01. So i guess 2.41 is a newer version or from iodata? Could someone clarify it. And will there soon comin a bitsetting version? :wink:


2.41 probably is an OEM firmware. Not sure from which OEM, but 4 might be Fujitsu.
But don’t expect any bitsetting firmwares when I don’t even have the non-bitsetting version. :stuck_out_tongue:
You could however dump your firmware and upload it. :iagree:


Yes, it’s an oem drive for fujitsu. I’ve just uploaded the file.


Any change you could upload it to me too?



Just done!


I did reverse ATA and installed 2.p1 on 6750. It works very well in my Toshiba. Thanks Liggy! However I also noticed the 2.p1 from NEC is very outdated compared to the other version. I just wander Liggy can update slave firmware based on 2.41, like you did to 7550 1.p1. Thanks!


It’s possible to convert a master to a slave firmware, but I still wonder what I should call these versions since NEC doesn’t change the first letter anymore. Maybe 2.q1?


As i can see there are some changes between 2.41 and 2.01?!


Hi, Liggy:

2.q1 is a good name. I do not think NEC will release any slave firmware soon. Thanks!

BTW I tried to flash 6750 with 2.p1_rpc1 with Binflash 1.27 gui and got a “supplied file does not contain a valid firmware” error. Then I tried 2.p1_fast and got the same result. I downloaded again and again, still the same. What did I do wrong? Thanks!


This problem was reported already and I think it should be fixed with the files I uploaded about 7 hours ago. But if you say that you even downloaded again and your post is just 3 hours old, it looks like I need to investigate this issue again.


I’ve just flashed the 2.41rpc1 version works good. Thanks Liggy.


Hi, Liggy:

Thanks! The 2.p1_rpc1 is working now. Sorry, I forgot to mention that my last try was 24 hours ago.


Is this in reference to the .zip files themselves or the .bin files within the .zip files?

UPDATE: Guess it was the .bin files. But did this affect any other drive firmwares too or just the 675x?


Thanks for the update and confirmation that it’s working again now

Each firmware file contains an identification at the end of the file that shows on which drive this firmware is expected to work. I just copied the identification from the original firmware file without remembering that the identification used there (a special slave firmware ID) was not recognized by Binflash. So I just changed this ID to the correct one.