Nd 6650a slow burning speed

Helloo everybody, great forum…

I have a dell inspiron 8200 and just installed a Nec nd 6650a burner. im using 321 studios’ dvdxplatinum to backup my dvd movies.

my problem: it takes about an hour to rip dvd movies and almost an hour to burn them onto dvd-r memorex 8X discs. nero says the firmware is 1.23. the drive is supposed to be performing at 8x, so i know its going slow. everything else seems to be working fine (ie, burning cd’s etc). weird thing was it seemed to burn the first 2 movies much faster, it took about 30 minutes total… then all the sudden it started taking 2 hours total.

i read as much as i could on the site, but all i could figure is that it might be the riplock causing this.

any help is highly appreciated.

please let me know if you need any additional information.

Do you have DMA enabled?


To the threadstarter, I have an Dell Inspiron 8100 which uses the exact laptop case as ur 8200. What i want to ask u is, does the 6650a drive fit into the laptop nicely? How about the bezel/faceplate side, does it fit alright?

TommyCP, thanks for the helpful reply. ill try that asap and repost (im not at home right now.

DynamiteZerg, i installed the 6650a VERY easily. just take that one retaining screw out and pull the pull tab. then i took two screws off a thing called a caddy (which hold the pull tab), and screwed that right onto the 6650a. put it in and that was it, i was buring immediately, no drivers needed. the faceplate of the burner is recessed a tad, but it doesnt bother me a all, im more into functionality.

wow, thanks for the link TommyCP!!! i was in pio mode, and when i changed to dma if available the current transfer mode stayed in pio. i followed the link instructions and uninstalled the primary channel, was asked to reboot. when i came back i was in ultra dma mode 2.

my burner is performing flawlessly (i think). it reads a full DL disc and puts it on the hard drive in 30 minutes. and it burns a SL DVD in 15 minutes.

thanks for the help!!

No problem. Happy burning! :slight_smile: