ND 6650A not writing Philips DVD+R DL

I have bought a philips DVD+R DL to copy some stuff. but whenever i try to copy an error, ‘no seek complete’ comes up. I use the NEC ND 6650A with the 1.62 firmware. the properties of my dvd are in the attachment. thanx in advance.

If i have to edit to add unsupported media using media code speed please even tell me how to do that.

You might want to try some different media. The only +R DL that’s recommended is Verbatim, and for you I’d guess the 2.4x one is best.

is there anyone else who knows how i could tackle this problem. Thanx

Buy better media, your drive doesn’t support these 2nd grade DLs.

The tools you seek are Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE) and DVD Identifier.

I posted some details in this other thread…discs are different but the concept is the same.