Nd-6650a firmware and xbox



I have a modded xbox and have started to make backups of my games. My success rate of making working dvds is about 50%. I have decent media. Verbatim dvd+r, or at least that is my understanding. I have the nd-6650a slim as oem in a dell inspiron 6000. I have noticed that I have firmware 102c from the dvd identifier program.

Long story short, in searching the forums I’ve noticed some people stating that the native dell fw is gargabe. Due to the sensitive nature of games being read by the xbox I was looking to upgrade the firmware. I do not need extra features like bitsetting (I don’t think because I don’t even know what that is). I just want the most recent firmware to provide reliable burns.

I am some what lost as to where to start. I have seen several firmware versions posted at liggy’s site and am unsure as to which would suit my needs. I have also read certain things that state I need to make sure I have the proper master or slave firmware or that I might need to swap out my drive to an IDE channel to upgrade firmware? Is all this necessary, or does this even apply to my drive? Anyways, I would appreciate some help or at least a nudge in the right direction, I could probably sort things out from there.