ND-6650A bitsetting probs w/liggy's firmware - anyone else seeing?


I searched this forum before posting this new thread but didn’t find anyone else talking about a prob like this.

I have a new Dell M90. It came with one of those TSSTCorp drives so I asked Dell to replace it with an ND-6650A, which they did.

It had Dell’s 102C firmware on it originally, but I flashed Liggy’s 1.62 bitsetting firmware onto it – the one that also had the Riplock and RPC1 patches included. (Firmware ZIP filename used was 162bt_rpc1.zip). There were no problems with the flash process at all. I of course rebooted afterwards, and best I can tell the drive is functioning fine after the flash except for it not actually setting the booktype on DVD+RW media.

Using Nero I have attempted to burn an authored set of DVD video files to DVD+RW media (TDK) multiple times. Nero recognizes the drive’s ability to do bitsetting in the Choose Recorder dialog, offering multiple options in the Booktype dropdown (auto, physical media, DVD-ROM, drive default, etc.).

On my first couple attempts to burn to +RW media I did not use binflash to set permanent booktype options, I figured I’d try first without doing this to see if Nero could completely control it itself. This seemed like the better option if that would work so I could choose on a per-burn basis (without having to go change the permanent setting w/binflash). I tried choosing DVD-ROM booktype in the choose recorder dialog, and during the burn log Nero indicated it was setting the booktype to DVDROM. But after the burn completed and I ejected/reinserted the media, tools I’ve tried to look at the booktype (Nero CD/DVD Speed’s Disc Info and Nero itself, DVD Decrypter ISO read mode), the booktype is still at DVD+RW.

So then I tried going into binflash and explicitly setting DVD-ROM as booktype for DVD+R and DVD+RW media (DVD+R DL was already set to DVDROM iirc), and tried burning a couple more times. It still doesn’t work, whether I pick the “drive default” (or is that hardware default?) option for booktype in the Nero Choose Recorder dialog, or DVD-ROM. I haven’t tried “automatic” as the booktype in the Choose Recorder dialog but I’m about to.

This seems weird. Am I doing something wrong? Is Nero not really able to “jive with my drive”? Or maybe the hardware revision of this drive isn’t compatible with the 1.62 patched firmware?

The label on the drive reads:

(yellow laser warning section, then…)


NEC Corporation

E151483 D33105
MODEL ND-6650A (“DLS” in a box to right of this)

then in area under the “DLS”, also in boxed area:
SERIAL No. 66G1L78C112

barcode underneath

FDA No. :0431733-11

Has anybody else seen anything like this happening?

I’d love to find out I’m just doing something wrong. Would really be a bummer to find out something is different with this ND-6650A and I won’t be able to do bitsetting on non-DL media.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.


OK this may not be as bad as I thought. Looking at “The Big NEC FAQ” I noticed it mentioned that I would need to do this first with a NEW piece of +RW media. I did that, and voila, booktype is indeed DVD-ROM afterwards.

It also seems to say I can erase/format used media after doing this for the first time with a new piece of media and that the used media will also have its booktype set to DVD-ROM. Tried this with the “quick erase” option in Nero and that apparently isn’t strong enough. I’ll try a full format/erase later.

One remaining question – if anyone has any advice especially if its from experience. Is it a reasonable idea to use the “reset to defaults” item in the NEC binflash booktype menu to reset the drive back to it’s default settings (which would apparently set booktype to DVD-ROM only for DL media and leave +R and +RW alone), and expect to be able to choose the booktype I want for “THIS burn” in the Nero “Choose Recorder” booktype dialog prior to burning w/Nero? In other words, should I expect to be able to choose the (“temporary”??) booktype I want per burn with this drive or is the only way to get it by setting the permanent settings with the binflash utility? I know there is a limit to how many times you can set a preference on the drive so if I can just choose “temporarily” at burn-time (like I can with my Benq DW1640) this would be really cool.

Of course I don’t think I’d really be losing any compatibility by having everything I burn set to DVD-ROM… or would I? :wink:

thanks in advance