ND-6650A 13:40 Minutes for an 8x DVD-R?




is it normal for the ND-6650A to take 13:30 minutes for a nearly full (4107MB)
DVD-R (TDK 8x)? Seems a bit slow to me for a 8x-drive.
Also there are sometimes “clicking” sounds when insert a DVD.

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My Nec ND-6650 need to 13 minutes!


Yours seems to burn that media at about 6x
Mine burns Fujifilm 8x (Ritek03) +R at about
the same time frame at 6x



Your write time is normal. Notebook drives use a low rotation speed, so the 6x and 8x write areas are only about 10% each of the disk.


And the clicking sound is normal too? It seems this is just a sporadic behaviour.