i have a dell inspiron 6000 with the regualr cd-rw dvd optical drive that looks like it would be the basic square shaped drive. so i installed my nec nd-6550a and it fit perfect but it sits sunken in and smaller. is there ANYTHING i can do to fix this, i really need it to fit in at OEM. please anyone help me, EMAIL ME if you can please KMC0929@bellsouth.net please someone HELP MEEEE PLEASE

hey, so from my research i have seen the website http://www.i9300.com/ i noticied how easy is it to swap with the old face plate, so my new question is where can i get an NEC faceplate that is the right size. It needs to say dual layer DVD on it, (its not mine)

ok no one knows where i can get a dvd-rw dl faceplate for a nec burner for a dell inspiron 6000? I called NEC, they dont make them or wont give them out, i called dell, they dont have them anywhere, checked ebay, nope, where can i get one!!! someone please help