ND-6500A Won't read DVDs but reads CDs

I have an NEC ND-6500A DVD burner FW-202C in a Dell-5100 Laptop that will not see or play DVDs now. It makes noises/clunks like its trying to read the disk, but nothing happens. This drive is a drive I bought over a year ago through Dell to replace my existing dvd drive to give my 5100 laptop DVD burning capability. It has worked great since I got it until last week when I tried to watch a dvd movie. I can view and write contents on a CD disk and there are no conflicts in devise manager. When I try to write to a dvd-R it gives me an error that it cannot write to this CD-RW media, even though Nero is set up for DVD-r before I start. I tried cleaning it with a CD/DVD cleaner disk, but no help. I swapped it out with my old dvd/cd drive last night and the old drive works fine with cds and dvds. Just wanted to see if anyone has had this problem and if there’s an easy fix.
Thanks in advance,

I have a very similiar problem. It reads commercial DVDs, but whenever I insert a DVD-R, I don’t know about +R, it decides that it is a CD-R drive and not a DVD±RW. I also have the NEC ND-6500A

I can’t help you there. I ended up replacing my drive. Couldn’t get the NEC6500 but put an AD-5540 and has worked fine. No one ever replied any other solutions other than flash the Firmware/ replace the drive. Have you updated the firmware on the drive? May try it if you haven’t yet as a last ditch.

I have a similar problem, my NEC DVD_RW ND-6750a seems to read cds fine, and will play some DVDs (In this case the film Battle Of Britain) but not others (Half Life 2). For the DVDs it won’t read all I can hear is a repeated almost clunking noise as it spins up and immediantly stops. This drive is only 6 months old, I had a previous one fail on me after 2 years use. Any ideas?

Seems like someone smarter than us would be able to tell us whats going on and a posible fix with these drives that read CDs but not DVDs. My old DVD burner only lasted a year and a 1/2! I searched the web looking for answers but came up with very little.