Nd-6500A won't burn DVD-Rs

:frowning: Hi, new to the forum. can’t get my new ND-6500A to burn DVD-R. Tried Memorex(yes cheap), then found the prefferred media list and tried Vebatim DVD-R 8x same results…Invalid media error message and won’t attempt a burn. Burns CDR’s ok. I just got this drive to upgrade my Dell 5100 Inspiron laptop so I could hopefully copy some home movies from HI8mm to DVD. Haven’t tried any + media types yet. I’m really new to working with DVDs so bear with me please. I’m running XP-Pro with 620 Ram, 2.4P4 FW is 2.02C I think. I only have Dazzle DVD burning SW. Also have Roxio, but looks like its only for CDRs. I have a copy of Nero(not installed yet), but not sure if it’ll burn DVDs or not. Spent 3 hours on the phone with Dell(on hold that is!). One tech guy said the drive should have shipped with Sonic Wave SW, but none came with. Then he says I need to send the drive back and order a Sony DW-D56A slim drive combo burner. Finally got one of them to ship me the Sonic Wave, but I don’t know if thats gonna do the trick or not and it’ll be a week before it comes in. seams like this drive should work with other SW not just Sonic Wave. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Sounds a bit like you got a 6100 drive with a 6500 firmware. You might try using a patched firmware from TDB.

I agree with Liggy!(Big shock there, I always seem to agree with Liggy…) Double check to make sure it’s not a 6100. Dell ships 6100s all the time, which is a 8x DVD+R drive with no support of DVD-R. Dell had been big on shipping +R only drives for a while, and just recently started shipping +/- R drives. If the sticker truly says 6500, it’s still possible dell put the 6100 firmware on there.

I would try the suggested TDB firmware and see if you have -R capabilities then. Be sure to save a copy of your current firmware before flashing.