Nd 6500 dvd-r playback problem




i have just bought a nd 6500 drive for my acer ferrari laptop as the old drive stopped working. i installed it this weekend and all seemed to be working well.

so far i have successfully created data cds and dvd-r’s using nero, and have also cloned a ps1 game succesfully using nero copy cd feature. i have tested a ‘bought from the shop’ dvd video and it plays back fine in both wm player and powerdvd. however if i try to play a dvd-r copied movie (backups of my own movies, obviously) i get a read error in powerdvd and wm player will not play the disc either. i have tried this with several different discs but get the same error. these discs work in my other dvd players (home, car, old drive before it broke).

i have looked around and ascertained i have firmware version 2.24, but this really means nothing to me - i include it in case it helps in the diagnosis of my problem.

can anyone help me please?

many thanks