ND-5100A Problems

So, here is the problem…

Recently my _NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A stopped recognizing a bunch of discs. It seems to ignore Region 2 DVDs, DVD+R DVDs that I burned using this drive and worked previously, DVD-R DVDs that I burned on another drive, but used to play fine on this drive, and possibly some CDs, though I haven’t sufficiently tested that to be sure. But, it seems to recognize and play Region 1 movie DVDs just fine.

When I say that the drive ignores the DVD, that is just what it seems to do…when I insert a disc and attempt to access it, I get one of two error messages “Cannot Access Drive D:” or “Please insert a Disc”. I also get two different behaviors while inserting discs, sometimes I get the “five clicks” sound and then it seems to give up on the disc, sometimes it makes normal reading noises, but still doesn’t let me access the contents of the disc.

Also, I put a Region 2 movie DVD in the drive and attempted to change the drive setting to Region 2, and that didn’t work, either…it said I must insert a Region 2 disc…not very helpful.

I have not flashed or modded this drive in any way, I use CSS+Region Free Lite to get around the regional limitation (annoying, since I’m currently a North American living in the UK).

Any suggestions on further troubleshooting, or anyone seen similar behavior and sorted it out? I’d hate to have to wait until September when I’ll be back in the US again to try to get the thing serviced by HP.


I’m having the same problem, but my drive is in a Dell Inspiron. If you find the answer, let me know. I’ll be sure to do the same. I found your post while looking for solutions on the internet.

I have been emailing back and forth with HP customer service, and they have finally advised me to re-install Windows…what a pain…

Had similar symptoms. Called Dell and they sent a new drive out. Problem solved. No re-install of windows necessary.

I have the same problem as jceddy with a drive installed in a Dell Dimension 4600C. I changed media, reinstaled Windows, updated the firmware with no results. My drive still can read CDs and DVDs but won’t write on anything. Any idea, anybody?!..

After jumping through all the re-installation hoops, HP has said they will replace the drive…unfortunately I am living in the UK at the moment, which means I can’t get the drive until I go back to the States in October, but that’s a whole other headache…

If you have a Dell (and possibly other companies as well). Try to find someone else who has a computer from the same company where their warrenty is still active. They won’t know the difference between the two drives. Send them back your bad _NEC DVD+RW Drive for a new one. It probably won’t be the _NEC Drive because they seem to be known for this problem now. Doing this wil save you some money but you have to know someone who purchased the same item (DVD drive) recently.

Well, this has been taken care of now. I got my replacement part from HP when I was in the states, and they upgraded me to a Dual-Layer DVD writing drive, so I’m happy.

My hard drive crashed about a month ago, but that’s a whole other story…