ND-4571A troubles with Ricoh DVD+R 8x media

L&D firmwares 1-Z1 RPC1, and 101_orig (or was it 101_rpc1?) seem to be unable to deal with older Ricoh DVD+R 8x media in my ND-4571A. After inserting such a disk (blank or already burned, does not matter) the computer needs to be powered down to get the drive ready again, and the disc out. W2K informs me an of insecure device removal, XP just waits indefinitely for the drive to become ready. The firmware that was in the drive when I bought it does not have this problem (not before trying L&D’s stuff, and not after that).
Disc type: DVD+R
Book Type: DVD-ROM (this is a disk recorded on a different drive)
Manufacturer: Ricoh
(see also attached *.jpg)
Any ideas what is wrong? L&D, do you want the working firmware?
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More likely it were not correctly recorded on the other drive.

Hi chef,
Unfaltering, I can assure you - the Ricoh disk was correctly recorded, on an ND-3540A with 1F1 firmware. It plays on that drive, it plays on the un-patched ND-4571A (original 101 from NEC), and it plays on my stand alone player. If you permit yourself to take a glimpse of my original posting, you might notice that I dare to claim that even brand new, blank, unrecorded, not-yet-burned, virgin, untouched-by-the-writing-laser discs of said provenance reliably jam a drive (with various L&D firmware) until power down, and that this does not happen with the original NEC firmware. Permit me to humbly conclude, that, if one firmware works, and the other does not, the one that does not is buggy.


There was indeed a bug in firmwares 1-01bt_rpc1 and 1-Z1_rpc1 which prevented any DVD+R media being read. The bug was in the bitsetting code and has now been fixed and new versions uploaded to our site.
Anyone using the old version should download and flash with the new version.

Thanks for spotting the bug and making this information known to us.

Good find, ottnick!

bugs can be everywhere :wink: