ND-4571A and DVD+RW

Hello there!

I’ve got my ND-4571A for a few days now and I’m very satisfied with the burning quality as far as DVD+R is concerned:

(relabeled Verbatim DVD+R 8x @ 4x)

Today I bought some DVD+RWs and the results I got are quite conspicious:

(original Verbatim DVD+RW 8x @ only 2,4x - 4x looked even worse)

So this isn’t normal, then. Or is it?

I’m under the impression that 5x is the best (or more common) speed for nec drives.

Very bad scan. Try another media

Already discussed here:


Try another drive from another brand.

Your MCC 003 scan is pretty bad, but it was scanned with NEC so it is hard to compare. I have tested a few quality media on my 4570 and I only found TYG02 to be good. Also, Verbatim +RW is OK.

chas0039 and verbatim 6x -rw are OK :).

Why is the MCC 003 scan bad? I mean, it has a 93 quality index and PIE way under 280?

What is more, Verbatim +RW don’t seem to be OK at all. Here’s a scan of the above mentioned medium, this time burned at the specified 4x:

I’ll give the -RW a shot in the next few days and sincerely hope that they’ll perform a lot better.

The NEC standard for scanning is 5x, although whether they’ll look any different is hard to say.

Here is a verbatim 6x -rw burned with 4570 and scanned with liteon 165p6s

It would probably make sense to update the firmware to 1-21 found here .

Your PIF totals are through the roof and the peaks are too high; but again, it is an NEC scan and too fast so hard to compare to a scan from a Liteon.

Both my 4551 and 4571 were giving better results at speeds higher than 5x… unfortunately 4551 stopped working and (my) 4571 is terrible with any firmware. On the other side it has LF a dvd-ram and is not bad reader.

Here my scans with a Philips DVD+RW 4x

1st scan with the NEC 4571 1-21

2nd scan with the Benq 1625

Darn, they don’t look that good…

Even my 4551 gives better results.

Comparitively speaking my NEC 4571 is just as poor. Compared to my old Sony - the graph is totally clean - 100% quality!