ND-4570a wont read DVD's

I have an ND-4750a that i got about a month ago and it has been running fine with no problems until now.

It simply wont read dvd’s. It spends a long time trying to read them, but eventually acts like there is no disc in the drive. It happens in windows and out of windows and as far as i can tell CD’s are read and written perfectly.

I’ve tried pressed and -r dvd’s.

I’ve seen similar problems before… i bought this to replace a second hand ND-2500a which decided to stop reading CD’s one day. But since this is so new im holding out hope i wont have to RMA it and its something simple.

Any suggestions?

Ok, tried a few DVD-r’s and DVD-rw’s it detects them all as being blank wheter they are or not…

Could be an known SP2 issue.
Search the m$ support sites for a solution.

I had this problem with the ASUS DVD-E616. That was a real crappy drive. It was reading pressed DVDs, but when you were feeding it with a recorded DVD, it was trying to identify it for 1 whole minute and 9 out of 10 times it couldn’t (acting finally as no disc in drive). Whenever it did recognize the media, it had no problem reading it at 8x, or even 16x (if it was bitset). I expected a firmware update to resolve this, but it didn’t.