ND-4551A, no labelflash help

I’ve just purchased the above drive as an oem drive only item. I have updated nero and installed a downloaded lightscribe host but nero won’t show me the burn label option. I’ve also downloaded a lightscribe SE version of surething but that tells me that no lightscribe devices were found.

The drive is labeled as manufactured in DEC 05 and that it is a NEC ND4551A but there are no labelflash logos on it. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the shop as sold me a 4551A without the labelflash. Do NEC do a version without lightscribe/labelflash? As anyone else purchased an oem drive only version and if yes does it have a labelflash logo on the front etc?

Any other ideas what I can do to enable it in nero or any other program?

Lightscribe software does not help you with a Labelflash drive. You need Labelflash software.

It looks like ONLY retail versions of this drive incl. Nero version are able to make use of Labelflash functionality. It does not have to do anything with Lightscribe.

Looks like anyone who bought a bulk drive without software is out of luck at the moment as there’s no way to make Labelflash work.

lol, what’s the advantage of an 4551 bulk vs. 4550 bulk then, if there is no software available? Well, since I returned my Nec 4550, I am now searching for a real alternative.



Mmmm this is not good, I can’t believe they will sell a drive without the software and then make it impossible to get the software. I wouldn’t mind but I own a copy of retail copy of Nero 7 premium so it should just be a case of downloading a plugin or driver update :frowning:

If anyone can supply me with this update then please PM me.

Mods: Please note I’m not asking for a dodgy copy of software :wink: just the driver bit but if this is still not allowed then please forgive me and edit my post accordingly.

Good question, but only NEC probably would know the true answer for this.
Same for the 3551, BTW.

The retail versions are still not available and if, then they’ll be only in beige.
Not black, not silver. Sad.

The Nero (Express) software will be available alone, but this will only happen in approx. 1 week. :frowning:

Here is the info from NEC:

Also more info from NEC about the NEC Labelflash drives and Labelflash overhere :slight_smile:

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Surprised this post hasn’t disappeared with all the controversy.

Who allowed you to post an copyrighted software?? :cop:

One distributer in Portugal announces the software:


You can see the ref to LF, even if can’t read the language.

I´m from Portugal, and that’s even the store where i bought my Nec 3500 and i don’t think i would pay an extra 10€ just because of the LabelFlash feature on that version of Nero. Oh well i think i’m gonna buy the Benq drive.


It’s sad that some (maybe most of all?) dealers don’t sell even the BULK drives with the CD from NEC what they should have done!

Even the BULK versions come with the special CD from NEC with Nero on it!!
Anyone who gets an 3551/4551 without this CD should complain to the dealer and to NEC to make pressure. :wink:

Good idea as this seems to be the only way for some people to really be able to use Labelflash. NEC should put some pressure on these dealers.

arghhh. i can’t labelflash, couse i bought a 4551A OEM here in Denmark… :frowning:
and the only thing i need is the LLS.dll from nero6.6.3.1 then you can get labelflash working with nero 7… bahhh… i need it… lol oohhh well i can wait like 2 months for nec to get some on there support site… lol

oh well, i any one know of another way. please email me thx…